Trick and Treat!


At IndieBooks we have something for both the young and old(er) this Halloween…

Shadows on the Fens is a limited edition anthology of new and classic ghostly tales set in East Anglia, that celebrates the work of M.R James, his contemporaries, and present day writers who are continuing in the tradition of such masters of supernatural fiction. It is edited by playwright Adrian Drew, the author of ‘The Laws of Shadows’ – the critically acclaimed play about M.R. James that recently showcased to great success in London.

A Young Person’s Guide to the Gothic is the perfect book for everyone who loves modern Gothic and wants to know where the vampires, ghouls, haunted houses and zombies all began. It takes each element of the Gothic, from the settings of castles and forests to the werewolves and ghosts who infest them, and uses extracts from the original classics as illustrations – and to encourage readers to go on and explore these wonderful works.It is an ideal primer for those studying the Gothic in Key Stages 3 or 4 or A-level: but it is also to be read for the sheer enjoyment. Editor Richard Bayne has included a dozen complete Gothic stories – some familiar, some found mouldering in the crypts – so forming an anthology of some of the best chilling tales of all time. To complete the fun, the Guide is illustrated by award-winning graphic novelist Richard Sala.

From Syria With Love

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with aid charity, From Syria With Love to publish a unique portrait of the lives of children caught up in the Syrian conflict.

The book, also ‘From Syria With Love’, features a group of children living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. It combines their poems, pictures, letters and diaries with narratives and poetry by those who have worked with the children or been inspired by their stories.

Editor and contributor, Molly Masters, is a university student who was inspired first to volunteer with the charity and then launch the project.

‘We’ve all seen the terrible images from Syria on television’, said Molly. ‘In this book, we wanted to show the lives of real children, what conflict and exile means for them, and their hopes for the future. It doesn’t ignore the suffering, but the message is one of peace and love.’

From first meeting with Molly on September 5th 2016, the book is now being printed – and will be launched at Waterstones in Brighton on November 4th. This is pretty fast for the book trade and we’ve had great support from our printers, CPI, from Waterstones and from our distributors, Vine House.

Funds raised by the book will be used to help those featured within it, continuing the charity’s work in the Al Abrar refugee camp.

Our last charity fundraising book, just re-released in paperback, was the anthology ‘Why Willows Weep’, which raised over £60,000 for the Woodland Trust. We can only hope that From Syria With Love will also be able to raise some vital funds before the worst of the winter.

From Syria With Love will be officially released on November 1st 2016, but we are already accepting pre-orders here.

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Halloween at Dragon Hall


We have a treat for you this Halloween: an evening of strange and ghostly stories, held in the shadows of Dragon Hall, Norwich.

‘Strange Tales for Halloween’ by Wayne Adrian Drew, will take you on a haunting journey through classic and contemporary tales of horror – all set in East Anglia – from Black Shuck (the devil’s dog), to witches, ghouls and the ghastly lantern men. Above, you can hear Wayne read an extract from Black Shuck, recorded with the National Writer’s Centre.

Actor Richard Holliss, in the role of Montague Rhodes James, the famous ghost story author, will introduce actors Robin Watson & Susan Seddon and author Piers Warren, who will all read a selection of truly chilling stories suitable for adult audiences only. Meet some of the (living) authors, enjoy a complimentary drink and expect dim lights and sinister sound effects at this not to be missed traditional celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, held in the candle lit shadows of spectacular 15th Century Hall!

This Halloween event marks the launch of Wayne Adrian Drew’s Shadows on the Fens, an anthology of new and classic supernatural fiction set in East Anglia. Pick up a signed copy of the limited edition hardback (Indiebooks, £18) and meet the author on the night.

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