A Lasting Relationship

We are once again celebrating the long and intimate relationship between writers and trees, with the release of a paperback version of ‘Why Willows Weep, an anthology of contemporary fables by nineteen of Britain’s most acclaimed authors. ‘Why Willows Weep’ is inspired by, and dedicated to, Britain’s native trees – a thank you for their priceless gift of paper and books.

But writers aren’t the only ones who owe a lot to trees. Trees and woods are important for a huge range of reasons, from their vital role in the carbon cycle to supporting wildlife, improving water quality, reducing flood risks, increasing numbers of pollinators, keeping soil healthy, enhancing landscape value and improving air quality – to name a few!

Why WIllows Weep cov#63FE95.jpgBritain is one of the least wooded areas in Europe, and yet trees continue to disappear from its landscape.

Sales from the first edition of Why Willows Weep helped the Woodland Trust plant approximately 50,000 new trees, and each paperback sold will help plant another.

This increases the resilience of the land,
in turn supporting existing woods and trees, helping them bounce back from current threats such as climate change, tree pests and disease.

So spread the word about ‘Why Willows Weep’ and help The Woodland Trust protect and rebuild Britain’s woodlands.