The 2015 Election Explained


The authors discussing the previous title in the series, ‘Explaining Cameron’s Coalition’, at a Hansard Society event in 2011.

Since Labour’s 1997 landslide, political analyst and pollster Sir Robert Worcester and his MORI colleagues have produced a definitive account of each UK general election. And we’re excited to say they’ve chosen IndieBooks as publisher for the latest in the series. ‘Explaining Cameron’s Comeback’ analyses hundreds of surveys and focus groups to make sense of the campaign from the voter’s perspective: what they really thought of Cameron and Miliband; what made the 2015 campaign so unusual; why it made sense to go negative, despite voters’ claimed dislike of it; and why the pundits read the polls wrong. They also use trend data going back six decades to help show what the 2015 election result means for the next five years of British politics, from the European Referendum to the implications for the 2020 election. Sir Robert’s co-authors – Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines and Mark Gill – are all leader experts on political marketing and psephology in their own rights, so ‘Explaining Cameron’s Comeback’ will have every justification for being called ‘definitive.’

Publication is scheduled for early January and we’ll be opening for preorders in December.


Latitude North Launched

3984448093_d6bc6980cbWe had a great get-together last night at Hughes Hall Cambridge, with friends, colleagues and well-wishers there to see Charles Moseley’s  Latitude North brought into the world. But don’t be down-hearted if you weren’t there, as we have teamed up with Cambridge institution Heffers to put on an event at their Trinity Street bookshop on 12 January. Charles will be reading from Latitude North and discussing his adventures and experiences in the far north, from the lost Viking settlements of Greenland to encounters with Polar bears. For more details, and to book your ticket, click here. The event is free, but places are limited and likely to go fast!