The Next Great Ghost Story

East Anglia has been the inspiration for more ghost stories than any other part of Britain that we can think of – yes, even Cornwall. M R James, of course, with classics such as A Warning to the Curious, but also E F Benson, Gladys Mitchell and a host of others. And it’s also inspired film-makers, too. No coincidence that the famous series of BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas (co-incidentally, to be released by the BFI next week) included several set on the East coast. So we’ve asked the playwright and gothic-ist Wayne Drew, Norfolk-based, to edit a collection of the very best of those stories. And he’s had the idea of a competition to find the best original ghost story in the tradition of M R James with an East Anglian setting. We’re launching it this Halloween, with a closing date at the end of January, and for the winner, publication in the collection – provisionally entitled Shadows over the Fens – in October 2013. There’ll be a special email address to register for the competition rules (such as they are) at More to follow on Halloween itself.

Worrals to Fly Again!

The original cover

Worrals was one of the most popular heroines of the 1940s. Penned penned by W.E. Johns, creator of Biggles, Worrals (or more formally, Pilot Officer Joan Worralson of the Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force) rooted out nests of Nazi spies and rescued downed pilots from behind enemy lines in eleven thrilling novels. They’ve been out of print for forty years, but IndieBooks will be republishing them in 2013, with new illustrations by the award-winning graphic novelist Matt Kindt.