IndieBooks partners with Endeavour Media

IndieBooks has partnered with Endeavour Media, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher, for the distribution of the digital editions of some of our books. IndieBooks will continue to handle the print distribution for all our titles while Endeavour will take over the digital editions of a selection IndieBooks’ growing catalogue.

Read The Bookseller press release here.

The following titles are now available in digital format, and, to celebrate, are free for this week only!

Explaining Cameron’s Comeback, Sir Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines and Mark Gill

Explaining Cameron’s CatastropheSir Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore, Paul Baines and Mark Gill

White PantherJanez Janša

The Ballad of Curly Oswald, Curly Oswald

King’s Company, Jessamy Taylor

Quintember, Richard Major

*Please note that not all of our books will be involved in the partnership with Endeavour. If you are an author who wishes to submit a title for our consideration and does not wish to have your work digitally released this way,  it is not compulsory and you can still submit on our website.*

A Culpepperian Christmas (in January)

Last week we welcomed one of our most prolific authors, Richard Major, back to the UK. Richard is hard to pin down, teaching at universities in Italy, America, Australia, India, Slovenia and Hungary, and currently living in South Africa.

Since the beginning of 2017 we have had the pleasure to publish his titles Attu, begat and Parricide, as well as the much-anticipated paperback edition of Quintember, his debut novel, so it seemed a good time to celebrate.

We enjoyed two launches last week, one in London and one at Oxford university, where Richard studied Theology. We had great feedback both on the new cover style for the Felix Culpepper series (Quintember and Parricide) which will be carried forward to future titles, and for the handy, pocket-sized begat.  We also found out that Richard looks right at home reading from his novels under the light of a chandelier…


Magdalen College, Oxford




The Mitre, London



With Quintember and Parricide being just the tip of the iceberg of the misdemeanours of Felix Culpepper, we thoroughly look forward to working with Richard more in the coming years.


The new cover designs for volume 1 and 2 of the misdemeanours of Felix Culpepper




Back to the blog

We’ve been a little quiet recently as we took a short break to focus on upcoming publications, but we’ll be posting lots more into this new year. In the meantime we are excited to share with you some of the titles we have been working on!

White Panther by Janez Jansa
Quintember by Richard Major (in paperback)
Parricide by Richard Major
Coming to Terms: Cambridge In and Out by Charles Moseley
and Fame & Faces by Sophie Loussouarn


We’ll be adding more information on each of these over the coming weeks so make sure to keep an eye out if there are any that take your fancy.

We also offer reduced prices on all our titles when you order directly from our website. White Panther, Quintember and Parricide are all currently available for pre-order for just £7.95, and Coming to Terms is available now for £10. Fame & Faces will be available for pre-order in Spring 2018 (you can sign-up to the mailing list here, for a reminder).

Happy new year!