Matt Kindt – Working on Worrals

Worrals on the War path - the original cover

Worrals on the War path – the original cover

The original illustrations for Worrals have a period charm, but we wanted something more contemporary and exciting that still respected the time when the books are set. So we were delighted when the award-winning graphic novelist Matt Kindt agreed to work with us. His own books, particularly Super Spy, showed he had just the right feel for the 1940s while using a much more dynamic and informal approach.

We started with Matt’s first pencils of how he thought Worrals might look. Once we were happy that he’d caught the character, we found six of the most dramatic scenes from the book itself and Matt came back with some prelim sketches. Matt also came up with a great design for the cover, including Worrals’ trusty side-kick Frecks. (Long-time fans of Worrals may not recall exactly this scene from the book, but we felt it was just the kind of scrape that Worrals would get into.)

Worrals of the WAAF-interior prelims  Worrals of the RAF prelim cover mockupWorrals of the WAAF - the new Matt Kindt cover

All this involved a lot of emails, but it’s surprising how you can still find the same wavelength as artists even without ever meeting (or in the case of other artists we’re collaborating with, without ever even speaking). Partly that’s because Matt is a delight to work with and a real professional. But also the Worrals stories are a joy – a project we all love to be part of. And we hope the final result will meet with the approval of Worrals fans, old and new.