We Need to Talk About Education


Education is one of those subjects where everyone has a view – but the voice that is all too often left out of the debate is that of the young people who have most to gain or lose from what happens in the classroom. So we’re particularly pleased to be publishing today a book that sets out to put that right.

Author Ben Faccini and film-maker Greg Villalobos have collaborated through interviews and workshops to give young people in some of the UK’s most challenged schools and communities a platform to talk about what they want from education, what stands in their way, and how a good teacher can make all the difference.

Meryl Noronha, featured in BBC3’s series ‘Tough Young Teachers’, has contributed a thought-provoking preface about her own educational journey. And we’re publishing ‘We Need to Talk About Education’ in association with the educational charity Teach First, who have supported many of the teachers featured in the book.