Worrals – Cleared for Take-Off!

Worrals of the WAAF

We’ve now fixed on 4 July as the launch-date for the Worrals series. The RAF Museum are kindly hosting the event, to include a tour of the surviving examples of the planes flown by Worrals, and we’re hoping a mystery guest may drop in herself…

Publishing Event of the Year?

It is according to Waterstones, but we prefer the Daily Mash take on it. Or the Telegraph’s heart-felt plea that we don’t make fun of it.


Publisher’s Weekly Praise for Matt Kindt


Matt’s latest work ‘Red Handed: The Fine Art of Strange Crimes’ is just out and Publisher’s Weekly is full of praise, calling it ‘nothing short of exceptional’. We haven’t seen it ourselves yet as the UK launch date is 17 June, but Gosh Comics and Waterstones.com will both stock it. He also has another book, ‘Mind MGMT’, due out any day and his artwork will of course be gracing the covers, and interiors, of our own Worrals series in a few weeks.

Books we wished we published…

Moondroptogascony As part of the preparations for the publication of  “Worrals of the WAAF” we’ve been researching the real-life stories of women who were parachuted into occupied Europe in the Second World War. There are many gripping and inspiring accounts, but this one by Anne-Marie Walters, is the pick so far. There’s no lack of danger or bravery, but she also conveys the youthful excitement and bravado in the Resistance movement, and also the profound love of France that motivated so many of its members. No surprise then that it should have been brought back into print by Moho Books, who focus on ‘books with a strong sense of place’. We love Pan’s original cover, but Moho’s new version also has a foreword by the historian of SOE M R D Foot and an introduction and notes by David Hewson.