World Book Day 2017

Happy World Book Day!

This year, World Book Day is marking its twentieth year anniversary. It is a joyous and animated celebration encouraging children to read. Across not only the UK, but the globe, children and adults alike will take part in a variety events proclaiming their love of a good read. From dress-as-your-favourite-character parties and putting on plays to story-time and craft workshops, World Book Day hopes to get a book in the hands of as many children as possible.



Here at IndieBooks, we’re joining in on the fun. Already this week, we’ve been sending out free copies of Why Willows Weep to many of our loyal customers.Tomorrow, we’ll be out on the streets handing out free hardbacks of Worrals of the WAAF and A Young Person’s Guide to the Gothic. Fancy a copy yourself? As Worrals of the WAAF is published in conjunction with the Royal Air Force, try heading to the RAF Museum to snag one – they’ll be handing out books to some lucky museum-goers tomorrow.

Won’t be up that way? Well, you might just find a few hidden around the coffee shops near Chancery Lane or spot us up ’round the British Museum. We’ve got towering stacks to give away!

Check our Twitter feed tomorrow if you want to stay in the loop or feel free to tweet us if you want to track us down.

Happy Hunting!


Worrals is Back!

W E Johns' Worrals at the RAF MuseumThe RAF Museum Hendon was the rendezvous for the launch of the first three Worrals stories, back in print after fifty years. And amongst the many eminent attendees was one rather special guest – Worrals herself, pictured with the new editions and with the iconic Spitfire in the background. The event included a talk on the books themselves and also a tour of some of the planes featured in the stories, which can be seen up close in the museum’s impressive collection. More on this very special day to follow.

Worrals – Cleared for Take-Off!

Worrals of the WAAF

We’ve now fixed on 4 July as the launch-date for the Worrals series. The RAF Museum are kindly hosting the event, to include a tour of the surviving examples of the planes flown by Worrals, and we’re hoping a mystery guest may drop in herself…