People’s Book Prize Part II

Calling all fans! (Or anyone looking for the next book to read).

King’s Company and Latitude North are looking like they might be real contenders in the Autumn showcase of the People’s Book Prize,  with some really great – and well deserved – comments going up for both.

We’ve selected some of our favourite reviews as a taster, but make sure to check out the People’s Book Prize website for more, links below.

King’s Company (competing in the Children’s category)

I loved this book! For me it was a return to children’s historical fiction in the great tradition of Rosemary Sutcliff and Ronald Welch but with an exciting contemporary voice.

A cracking read. Masterful storytelling to grip the imagination.

A great piece of historical fiction that my daughter loved.

Latitude North (competing in the Non-Fiction category)

Evocative descriptions and a love of the North fill this fascinating work with atmosphere and emotion. I could see the clarity of the light yet felt the darkness of the history. This is an unforgettable book, worth every moment I spent reading it.

This book charts a lifelong fascination with the geographic north, told with affection, rare elegance, and a keen eye for detail. This is a wonderful and richly rewarding read.

Superb. Moving and emotive. Poetry in prose.

This is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. It really is what it says on the cover, part travelogue, part memoire and part history of northern lands and seas. But it is Moseley’s skill in melding all three that makes the whole totally captivating. All is written as if he were talking next to you and anticipating your questions from what he has said. He draws on an impressive knowledge of several disciplines to help you understand what he is experiencing – concerns and delights – and so you feel you are on the journey with him. Such is the effect of this book, I have now planned my first visit to Iceland. Definitely ‘a must read’. So, without any hesitation, here is my vote.


Charles Moseley, author of Latitude North

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