Cameron’s (short-lived) comeback

In all the dramatic and bewildering political goings-on of the last week we thought it was time we revisited ‘Explaining Cameron’s Comeback’ – the one thing we can be sure about at the moment after all is how we got here.

For all those whose political interest has been piqued by recent events, we are offering a 25% discount for the next month, when you buy direct from us.

‘Explaining Cameron’s Comeback’ is the fifth book in the series of definitive election studies led by Sir Robert Worcester and Roger Mortimore. It analyses hundreds of surveys and focus groups run by Ipsos MORI to make sense of the 2015 election campaign from the voter’s perspective: what they really thought of Cameron and Miliband; what made the 2015 campaign so unusual; why it made sense to go negative; and why the pundits read the polls wrong. Trend data going back six decades helps show what the 2015 election result means for the next five years of British politics, from the European Referendum to the implications for the 2020 election.

Just use code BECC25 to take advantage of this offer. And who knows, maybe now there will be another title in the series sooner than we thought!

Explaining Cameron's Comeback BLOG

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