What are they up to now?

Our Why Willows Weep contributors have been keeping busy, and between them they have plenty of exciting new releases for 2016.

Tracy Chevalier, Why Willows Weep’s editor, has stuck to the arboreal theme with her release of ‘At The Edge Of The Orchard’ in March, as well as contributing to ‘Reader, I Married Him’ – a new collection of short stories inspired by, and celebrating, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, on the 200th anniversary of her birth. Tracy will be discussing both ‘Why Willows Weep’ and ‘At The Edge Of The Orchard’ at a number of festivals during the summer so keep an eye on her website to see where you can find her.

Other releases include Philippa Gregory’s latest instalment to the Tudor Court Novels, ‘Three Sisters, Three Queens’; Joanne Harris’ ‘Different Class’; Catherine O’Flynn’s ‘What Was Lost’; Philip Hensher’s new short story collection ‘Tales of Persuasion’; Tahmima Anam’s ‘The Bones Of Grace’; Maggie O’Farell’s ‘This Must Be The Place’ (you can watch Maggie reading an extract here); and Ali Smith’s ‘Autumn’.

Congratulations also to William Fiennes who’s founded charity ‘First Story’ won Charity of the Year 2016 at the London Book Fair.

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