How do you market an Author who doesn’t exist?

Like this, we hope.

As we may have mentioned, this summer marks the release of ‘The Ballad of Curly Oswald’, a truly distinctive novel chronicling childhood in a hippie commune in the South of England.

From his hospital bed, Curly tells the story of his younger self and his extended family of drop-outs and dreamers, as they grapple with problems ranging from eco-friendly slug-control to the mischief of a power-hungry guru. It is an extraordinary chronicle of a lifestyle both alternative yet strangely viable, a microcosm of eccentricity, comedy and grotesque tragedy, told with the unflinching eye of a child and the sympathy of a narrator who sees the underlying humour of life in all its deranged glory.

We’ve really enjoyed working with this one and it’s proved to be fairly unusual from the beginning – so unusual in fact that with the publication date looming we are yet to know anything about the mysterious author, and it seems likely we never will!

Still – we think ‘The Ballad of Curly Oswald’ is good enough to speak for itself – and we hope you will agree.



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