The Spitfire Girls

Worrals Spitfire Girls frontWe’ve always thought the Worrals books by W E Johns would make a damn good film and it seems we’re not the first to do so. A copy of the script for “The Spitfire Girls” has recently come our way, starring Worrals of the WAAF and her trusty sidekick Frecks, and it’s packed with action and humour from Worrals’ first brush with the RAF Top Brass to a life-or-death struggle in the cockpit of a plane gliding to destruction. It’s a mash-up of elements of the first two books, so we get a trip to London in the Blitz, and von Brandisch as a properly caddish villain, and perhaps a bit more love interest than the author might have wanted (or perhaps not…).

All in all, a great read and it would be even better if they actually made it. Despite funding from the National Lottery and Screen Scotland, it’s yet to find a backer. The fate of the Biggles movie of the 1980s – a legend in the industry about just how bad a film adaptation of a much-loved classic can be – may not have helped, but we waited over 50 years for Worrals to be back in print so maybe we’ll see her in Hollywood before too long…

Spitfire Girls by Robert MurphyMeanwhile, we’ve decided on the back of this exciting discovery to make “Worrals of the WAAF” our Book of the Month for February with a special offer of 50% off. Just enter the coupon code “SPIT” at the checkout any time from now until midnight on 28 February and it will be yours for a fly-away £6 instead of the list price of £12. This offer is only available through our website.

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