Spot the Difference? (Amazon Can’t…)

Stephen-King-by-Shane-Leonard King_Stephen_from_NPG

We had a stern lecture from Amazon the other day when we were uploading  the e-book of our brilliant new children’s adventure, King’s Company. Amazon warned us that we were trying to break the terms of our agreement or something equally naughty: and eventually we worked out that it was because we had used the keyword “King Stephen”. Now the book is called King’s Company, and it’s set in the reign of King Stephen, so it seemed reasonable to us: but Amazon were having none of it, presumably because they thought we were trying to pinch sales from legendary master-of-all-things-gory Stephen King. We asked Amazon what we should do to avoid the problem: no answer. We also asked if they really thought that we were trying to win extra sales by snaffling readers looking for the latest Stephen King gore-fest, and presenting them with a mediaeval adventure story for children aged 8-12 in which no-one is eaten by any kinds of animals at all (if you ignore the odd flea-bite). No reply to that either. In the end we found a way round – Amazon’s computers will accept “King Stephen of England” as a keyword – and the King’s Company e-book is up on the Kindle store and selling very nicely. But really.

The one person we thought might see the funny side is Stephen King – so if anyone out there happens to know him…

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