Sala and Kindt: What are they up to?

Time for a round-up on what two of our favourite artists have been working on…

MIND MGMT is the current project of Matt Kindt, who illustrated our new edition of the girls’-own hero Worrals. It’s a graphic novel in monthly form, published by Dark Horse Comics, with a hugely inventive and gripping storyline that’s picked up critical praise and a loyal following. It’s also gained new admirers for Matt’s spare line-and-watercolour style. The early issues have been collected in two hardback books, and a film version is in pre-production with Ridley Scott producing.


Continuing the spy theme, Richard Sala – who has illustrated our just-out Young Person’s Guide to the Gothic – has a new graphic novella out called Super-Engimatix, who is every 60s super-villain rolled into one and then some (underground bunker, world domination, tank full of sharks – they’re all there). The colours are sumptuous, the action delirious. It’s contained in Richard’s new book In A Glass Grotesquely from Fantagraphics (soon to feature in our ‘publishers we love’ series).

So that’s a couple of Christmas presents solved – or treat yourself!

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