Artisan Publishing?

artisanbakerjeffSomeone was asking us about our ‘mission’ the other day. It’s tricky to have one of those without sounding narcissistic or megalomaniacal. When we’ve kicked around the question of ‘why are we here’, the answers have included wanting to produce books that are as good as we can make them; books that are a pleasure to give or to own; or books that ought to be ‘out there’ but might not be an obvious commercial proposition. It all sounded a bit like making the best cheese, cakes or bread: the finest ingredients; taking the time to make them as well as you can; and concentrating on quality rather than sales figures (though all done in a businesslike way). So are we an artisan publisher? (That’s not to be confused with the Workman imprint Artisan, or Singapore-Based Artisan Publishing, or even Artisan Publishing Limited, long since dissolved.) Or a ‘craft’ publisher? Either way, we’ve noticed that, like Jeff here (of Jeff’s Breads, Lewisburg, West Virginia), artisans seem to enjoy their work!

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