The Home of All Things Worrals

Image of the cover of Worrals of the WAAF from 1941

With the launch of Worrals just a couple of weeks off, you might like to soak up some of the background on the original Worrals books, her creator W E Johns, and his other fictional stars, including the legendary Biggles. And there’s nowhere better to start than here at Roger Harris’ Worrals fan-site. He’s put together a wonderful collection of original covers, interior illustrations and plot summaries for all the Worrals novels. And from you can explore further into the parallel sites that Roger has created on Biggles and on WE Johns himself. The whole site is a treat, but we’d particularly recommend the comprehensive collection of Biggles front covers which stretches over decades and reflects trends in design, illustration and typography. It’s a must for anyone interested in the development of book design and publishing, as well as Biggles fans. 

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