The Next Great Ghost Story

East Anglia has been the inspiration for more ghost stories than any other part of Britain that we can think of – yes, even Cornwall. M R James, of course, with classics such as A Warning to the Curious, but also E F Benson, Gladys Mitchell and a host of others. And it’s also inspired film-makers, too. No coincidence that the famous series of BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas (co-incidentally, to be released by the BFI next week) included several set on the East coast. So we’ve asked the playwright and gothic-ist Wayne Drew, Norfolk-based, to edit a collection of the very best of those stories. And he’s had the idea of a competition to find the best original ghost story in the tradition of M R James with an East Anglian setting. We’re launching it this Halloween, with a closing date at the end of January, and for the winner, publication in the collection – provisionally entitled Shadows over the Fens – in October 2013. There’ll be a special email address to register for the competition rules (such as they are) at More to follow on Halloween itself.

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